Set up in 2016, the Radiology Academy is an expert-led educational programme that addresses current challenges in contrast-enhanced radiology in the UK.

Designed to support the radiology community, it pioneers educational programmes and nurtures networking and best practice sharing. Its inaugural meeting in November 2016 delivered an innovative cardiac MRI programme, with the programme in November 2017 focusing on breast and prostate imaging techniques.

Radiology Academy beginnings

The Radiology Academy was born out of Bayer UK’s desire to re-engage the radiology community and drive meaningful and relevant educational programmes for their customers. In early 2016, Bayer engaged a Steering Committee that offered radiology, radiography and clinical science expertise. Together, the Steering Committee identified key challenges in the UK contrast-enhanced MRI field, and put together a plan outlining what they felt would be useful, realistic and impactful educational materials. Given the structuring of radiology into different anatomical specialties, the Radiology Academy decided to focus on different body regions each year, tackling key topics in each area. For the inaugural year, cardiac MRI was chosen – a contrast-enhanced technique that was technically challenging and growing rapidly.

Radiology Academy 2016

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Radiology Academy 2017

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Enhancing the radiology field for years to come

The Radiology Academy goes from strength to strength, gathering new advocates and expert relationships as it grows. Bayer UK are committed to the values and aims of the Radiology Academy and plan to sponsor a Forum on MRI every November for the foreseeable future. They also hope to widen the programme into CT, to support even more radiologists countrywide.

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