Radimetrics Enterprise Platform

What is Radimetrics ?

Radimetrics is a secure radiation dose management platform designed to meet the challenges of the 21st century radiology department.

It has been designed to give imaging professionals whether Physicists, Radiologists or Radiographers all the data required to make informed decisions about dose and utilisation, in an instant.

Radimetrics is a vendor-neutral solution that supports integration with many existing systems, such as:

PACS – Picture Archiving and Communication System; RIS – Radiology Information System; CR – Computed Radiography; DR – Direct Radiography; MR – Magnetic Resonance; CT – Computed Tomography. *Requires Stellant injector or MRXperion with workstation; †Utilisation only.

Radimetrics has several key benefits that can help imaging professionals enhance their services:

  • In-depth information in an instant

    Radimetrics revolutionises the way data are analysed, offering in-depth data in an instant
  • Protection without compromise

    Radimetrics helps you to protect patients, while maximising quality and compliance controls
  • Efficient workflow

    Radimetrics is designed to optimise workflow and department efficiency, saving you valuable time and resources
  • Easily integrated

    Through its flexible interface and dedicated training programme, Radimetrics can be easily integrated into your existing systems

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