MEDRAD® Intego PET Infusion System

The proven all-in-one PET solution

Evolve your PET practice with the MEDRAD Intego PET Infusion System. Using a fully-shielded, mobile design, the system infuses accurate, repeatable, patient specific doses from a multi-dose vial, all managed through a simple touchscreen.

Automated dose preparation and patient infusion in a single, easy-to-use, mobile system enables your site to

  • Reduce radiation exposure to clinicians*
  • Improve delivered patient dose accuracy*
  • Drive operational efficiency
  • Wi-Fi enabled

*Compared to an unprotected non-automated system

  • In-house Service Teams
  • Mobile Parts Inventory
  • Clinical Application Support
  • Technical Assistance Support Centre


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System Specifications

System Capabilities

Maximum Radioactivity 27.75 GBq for shielding effectiveness / 25.9 GBq for dose preparation
Concentration Range 12.3 – 3,700 MBq / ml
Saline Test Injection Range 5 – 30 ml
Additional Saline Flush Range 0 – 30 ml
Dose Range 37 – 925 MBq
Dose Accuracy ± 2 % of the measured dose
Flow Rate 0.5 ml / sec or 1.0 ml / sec
Speed 0.4 – 0.67 m / s
System Radiation Profile Peak rate equal to or less than 0.014 mSv / hr at 30.5 cm from any surface of the cart with 27.75 GBq in the vial
Peak rate equal to or less than 0.001 mSv / hr at 30.5 cm from the surface in the operator position with 27.75 GBq in the vial

Mechanical Specifications

Height Width Depth Weight
MEDRAD Intego 130.7cm 50.8 cm 69.2 cm 355 kg

Ordering Information

Infusion System
MEDRAD Intego PET Infusion System 200 RDMS INT SYS 200 RDMS