MEDRAD® MRXperion MR Injection System

Make the smart move.

MEDRAD® MRXperion is a smart performer in the MR suite, delivering confidence and peace of mind through innovative contrast delivery and management.

  • Streamlined injection workflow
  • Enhanced point of care
  • Informatics-ready
  • Maximised uptime support
  • In-house Service Teams
  • Mobile Parts Inventory
  • Clinical Application Support
  • Technical Assistance Support Centre


Featuring Certegra Contrast Dose Management

The industry’s first Contrast Dose Management Software.

Helps you work even more efficiently and accurately with your MRXperion® MR Injector

Contrast Dose Management Options:

  • Starter Package

    An introduction to informatics enabled, contrast management. A specially designed starter option for new adopters of contrast informatics. When incorporated into departments protocols the starter package provides a balance of benefits across Radiology.
  • RIS Outbound Interface

    By directly connecting your Certegra Workstation to your RIS, the department automatically enhances its record keeping capabilities.
  • PACS Outbound Interface

    Certegra outbound interface supports department workflow by automatic transfer of injection report into the departments PACS.

Contrast Dose Management Offers*:

  • Personalising Care with Certegra®

  • IMPROVED Patient Care

  • INCREASED Efficiency

  • EASY Integration

*compared to traditional management systems without Certegra® contrast dose management

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Injector Features:
  • Clarity Illuminated fluid volume indicators and complete injection control within scan room
  • Conveniencetray for syringe kit and supplies
  • Real –time Injection Pressure Graph
  • Fluid Status
  • Sequential Phase Status
  • On-board eGFR and Contrast Dosing Calculators
  • Five industry standard eGFR formulas
  • User configurable setup
Injector Features:
System Specifications

Electrical Information

Voltage Requirements100-240 VAC
120VA - 210VA
Electrical LeakageUnit <100 microamperes
Patient <100 microamperes
Earth <500 microamperes

System Capabilities

Syringe CapacitiesSyringe A: 65ml
Syringe B: 115ml
Programmable Volume range (ml)Syringe A: .5ml to max syringe volume in: 0.1ml increments from 0.5ml to 31ml 1ml increments above 31ml
Syringe B: 1 ml to max syringe volume in 1ml increments
Programmable Flow range (ml/sec)0.01 to 10 ml/s in: 0.01 ml/s increments between .01 and 3.1 ml/s
0.1 ml/s increments between 3.1 and 10ml/s
KVO (Keep Vein Open)6 factory presets of 0.25ml every 15, 20, 30, 45, 60 or 75 sec
Test InjectConfigurable from 0.5 ml to 20 ml in 0.1 ml increments

Mechanical Specifications

Height Width Depth Weight
Control Room Unit 32.28 cm
39.58 cm
25.98 cm
8.0 kg
(17.5 lbs)
Scan Room Unit 181 cm
59 cm
39 cm
43.4 kg
(95.7 lb)
Power Supply 9 cm
19 cm
39 cm
2.3 kg
(5 lbs.)
Certegra Workstation (CWS) 34.2 cm
40.0 cm
30.0 cm
8.0 kg
(17.6 lbs.)

Ordering Information

MRXperion MR Injection System MRXP 200-UK
*MRXperion MR Injection System and Informatics Starter Package MRXP 200-UK +

*Recommended Package from Bayer