MEDRAD® Stellant CT Injection System

Intelligent, Intuitive, Innovative

The MEDRAD® Stellant D Dual Syringe CT Injection System is reliable and easy-to-use.

Protocol options for the most advanced clinical applications:

  • Designed for complex CTA and Cardiac CT protocols
  • Creates a tight contrast bolus
  • Enables precisely timed contrast delivery

Now available with Multi-Patient kit

Optional Scanner Interfacing (ISI) available

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  • Mobile Parts Inventory
  • Clinical Application Support
  • Technical Assistance Support Centre


Featuring Certegra Contrast Dose Management

The industry’s first Contrast Dose Management Software.

Helps you work even more efficiently and accurately with your Stellant® CT Injector

Contrast Dose Management Options:

  • Starter Package

    An introduction to informatics enabled, contrast management. A specially designed starter option for new adopters of contrast informatics. When incorporated into departments protocols the starter package provides a balance of benefits across Radiology.
  • P3T® 2.0 Bundle

    The P3T bundle seamlessly supports the diagnostic quality of your departments’ scans. The system calculates a personalised contrast dose for each and every patient, ensuring quality images first time… every time!
  • RIS Outbound Interface

    By directly connecting your Certegra Workstation to your RIS, the department automatically enhances its record keeping capabilities.
  • PACS Outbound Interface

    Certegra outbound interface supports department workflow by automatic transfer of injection report into the departments PACS.

Contrast Dose Management Offers*:

  • Personalising Care with Certegra®

  • IMPROVED Patient Care

  • INCREASED Efficiency

  • EASY Integration

*compared to traditional management systems without Certegra® contrast dose management

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Injector Configurations:
  • Freestanding Pedestal Ideal for moving the injector in between scan rooms or when an OCS configuration is not practical
  • Overhead Counterpoise System (OCS)The ceiling mount option allows the injector head to be manoeuvred easily for injections
Injector Configurations:
System Specifications

Injection Specifications

Flow Rate (range & increments)0.1 – 10 ml/sec in 0.1 ml increments
Volume (range & increments)1 ml to syringe capacity in 1 ml increments
Programmable Pressure Limit200 ml syringe: 325 psi, 2241 kPa (psi/kPa)
Scan Delay0 – 300 seconds (5 minutes) in 1 second increments
Pause1 – 900 seconds (15 minutes) in 1 second increments
Hold Maximum HOLD time is 20 minutes
Syringes (Volume capacity)200 ml sterile disposable syringe
Maximum Number of Phases6
Maximum Number of Protocols250

Miscellaneous Specifications

Electrical Requirements (VAC/Hz)100 – 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 300 Volts-AMPs
Syringe Heat Maintainer35 degrees C +/-5 degrees
95 degrees F +/-9 degrees
Head Mounting OptionsOverhead counterpoise system or floor pedestal (floor pedestal includes an integral IV pole)
Dual FlowSimultaneous injection of contrast and saline is integrated in the CWS and included
Certegra P3T 2.0
Cardiac Application
Cardiac CTA protocol optimisation software
Abdominal applicationAbdominal protocol optimisation software
Pulmonary Angiographyapplication Pulmonary Angiography protocol optimisation software

Mechanical Specifications

Height Width Depth Weight
Dual Injector Head 15.5 cm
30.7 cm
36.8 cm
8.1 kg
(17.9 lb)
(without syringe)
Base Unit 29.2 cm
27.9 cm
22.2 cm
6.2 kg
(13.6 lb)
Workstation (CWS)
34.2 cm
40.0 cm
30.0 cm
8.0 kg
(17.6 lbs.)

Ordering Information

Systems listed include all standard cabling

Stellant D with CWS and PedestalSCT321
Stellant D with CWS, Starter Package and PedestalCWSPAC01EU
Stellant D with CWS and OCS MountSCT322
*Stellant D with CWS, OCS mounted with Starter PackageCWSPAC02EU

*Recommended Package from Bayer