MEDRAD® Avanta Fluid Management Injection System

Engineered to meet the unique demands of your cardiac cath lab

Reduce contrast & radiation exposure

  • Avanta’s multi-patient tube, contrast syringe and hand controller can be used for 5 consecutive patients
  • Injection imaging synchronisation maximises contrast utilisation
  • Less time used for manifold manipulations reduces procedure time and radiation exposures
  • Small footprint and flexible configuration enables seamless integration with the cath lab
  • Unique front load syringe for simple insertion and clean removal
  • In-house Service Teams
  • Mobile Parts Inventory
  • Clinical Application Support
  • Technical Assistance Support Centre


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Injector Features:

Optimise Coronary Imaging

Avanta’s dual-line tube enables real-time control of contrast media and saline

Precise flow rate achieved via Avanta’s unique hand controller

  • Large touch-screen display is clear, easy-to-read and easy to access. Table brackets give you the flexibility to position the display screen on either side of the table.
  • Flexible long single-patient tubing sets are transducer compatible for constant haemodynamic monitoring, and long non-transducer tubing set for simple angio procedures.
  • Multi-patient tubing design allows use with up to 5 consecutive patients, reducing contrast waste.
  • Control contrast dosage Automated contrast injection allows precise, pre-set injection volume and delivers contrast rapidly through even small-lumen catheters like those used for radial access procedures.
Injector Features:
Injector Configuration:
  • Pedestal Ideal for moving the injector in and around the Cardiac Catheter Lab
  • Table Mount The flexible configuration allows the display control unit to be mounted on the table away from the injector
Injector Configuration:
System Specifications

System Capabilities

Flow Rates Contrast
Fixed flow:
Variable flow:
User defined from 1–45 ml/sec in
increments of 1 ml/sec;
User controlled variable range from 1 to 10 ml/sec in 0.1 ml increments
Flow Rate Saline Fixed rate 0.75-1.50ml/sec
Volume User controlled variable range 1–150 ml in increments of 1 ml
Pressure Limits User defined from 300 PSI to 1200 PSI in increments of 1 PSI
Fill Rate Manual fill speed 1–20 ml/s in 1 ml/s increments; Auto fill speed 1–10 ml/s in 1 ml/s increments
Syringe Heat Maintainer 37°C ±3° (≥1 hr)
Injection Delay 0.0–99.9 seconds in 0.1s increments
Rise Time Programmable at 0.1 sec increments from 0.1 to 9.9 sec
Memory Up to 40 customisable protocols store
Display Screen 26 cm (~10.5”) colour touch screen
Mounting Options Pedestal or table mount
Power Requirements Nominal 100–120 VAC, 50 or 60 Hz, 12.75 A; 200–240 VAC, 50 or 60 Hz, 5.3A
ISI Capable Provides for synchronisation of the injection and x-ray exposure
Air Management Gross air detection and fluid level sensing

Mechanical Specifications

Height Width Depth Weight
Pedestal System 150-170 cm
(58.4” -66.4”)
48 cm
56.4 cm
86.4 kg
(190.5 lbs)
Power Unit 28.1 cm
31 cm
42.3 cm
10 kg
(22 lbs)
Fluid Control Module
(Does not include IV pole)
35.7 cm
31.1 cm
21 cm
6.8 kg
(15 lb)
Display Control Unit
(Includes 10ft/3.05 m of cable)
42.2 cm
31 cm
18.8 cm
3.2 kg
(7 lbs.)
Injector Head
(Includes 10ft/3.05 m of cable)
20 cm
17.8 cm
49.8 cm
11.3 kg
(25 lbs.)
Table Mount Bracket
6.9 cm
17.7 cm
13.9 cm
2 kg
(4.5 lbs.)

Ordering Information

Avanta Pedestal System AVA 500 PED
Avanta Table Mount System AVA 500 TBL